R/5 Handcrafted Soap with Cedar Essential Oil & Vegetable Coal - Facial Scrub

R/5 Handcrafted Soap with Cedar Essential Oil & Vegetable Coal - Facial Scrub


The glycerine naturally produced by the cold-process soap-making (7 to 8%) combined with the (unheated) essential oils make this soap a product that truly cares for your skin.

The transformation of shea butter and coconut oil by the soap-making reaction into glycerine ensures naturally strong moisturizing and softening benefits for your skin.
The R/5 soap gently exfoliates the skin while ensuring maximum hydration. It is ideal for cleaning and nourishing facial skin without irritating it.
This soap’s extraordinary smell comes only from its ingredients: you literally breathe in the plants and flowers used to make it.


100g  3.52oz (approximately: all our soaps are cut by hand)

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Butyrospermum parkii butter (shea butter), aqua (water), cocos nucifera oil (coconut oil), sodium hydroxide, sesamum indicum seed oil (sesame seed oil), cedrus atlantica bark oil (cedar bark essential oil), CI 77266 (carbon).

Please see below for complete and transparent explanations on all these ingredients.

"As with any soap, avoid eye contact. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with clean water."




  • Butyrospermum parkii butter (shea butter): recommended for its protective properties against skin dehydration. Readily and durably absorbed by the skin.
  • Cocos nucifera oil (coconut oil): coconut oil is obtained by expression from the dried inner flesh of the coconut, Cocos nucifera. Coconut oil is high in protective antioxidants and antibacterial fatty acids. It suits all skin types and is light, non-greasy and rapidly absorbed giving deep hydration and conditioning to skin, scalp and hair. Research shows it can improve skin elasticity helping prevent premature ageing and wrinkle formation.
  • Sodium hydroxide: also known as lye, is an essential ingredient in the soap making process. When sodium hydroxide beads or flakes are mixed with a liquid,  a lye solution is created. This solution, when mixed with fats and oils, will cause a chemical reaction called saponification: the lye and oil molecules combine and chemically change into soap and glycerin - sodium hydroxide will have then completely disappeared.
  • Sesamum indicum seed oil (sesame seed oil): sesame seed oil is rich in essential fatty acids. Known for its softening and skin-rejuvenating properties, it penetrates quickly without being greasy.
  • Cedrus atlantica bark oil (cedar bark essential oil): also known as cedar wood it is an antiseptic and regulates sebum production.
  • CI 77266 (carbon): dark black powder used as a pigment, it is essentially carbon. Yes, we wanted a truly black soap.